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Campus Safety & Security

Hurricane or Tropical Storm Preparedness and Procedures

Warning Levels

Hurricane Watch

In the event that a hurricane watch is issued, hurricane conditions are possible within 48 hours.

Hurricane Warning

In the event that a hurricane warning is issued, hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours or less.

Hurricane Advisory

When an event is occurring.


  1. Monitor an emergency alert system radio station. Monitor BYUH or PCC radio “emergency” talk group.
  2. When advised by Campus Safety & Security or emergency services personnel, evacuate to Cannon Activities Center (CAC) for community members and PCC guests. No food will be provided at the CAC. On campus students should shelter in their TVA apartments or Dormitories (hales). Off-campus students should shelter in the designated areas in the on campus dormitories (hales).
  3. During a warning, when sirens sound, secure windows.
  4. Secure loose objects that may blow away, such as outdoor furniture.
  5. Stay indoors during high winds. Stay away from windows and do not open windows.
  6. Keep away from exterior walls and doors.
  7. Turn off water and electricity at main stations. Unplug appliances.
  8. Remain in safe area until warning expires or until emergency personnel have issued an “all clear” signal.
  9. Help as directed. Serve others.