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Traffic and Parking Regulations

The BYU–Hawaii traffic regulations are set forth to protect persons and property on campus from injury and damage by vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, etc. and to provide fair and equitable treatment for all persons who park, drive or ride on Brigham Young University–Hawaii property.

Changes to traffic regulations will be published in the university email bulletins, after which they will be binding.

Suggestions to improve the traffic and parking program and traffic regulations are welcomed and should be addressed to:

BYUH Security
BYU–Hawaii #1922
55-220 Kulanui Street Bldg. 5
Laie, HI 96762

    • BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY–HAWAII IS PRIVATE PROPERTY: The university reserves the right to deny any persons permission to operate a motor vehicle on university property. Failure to heed such a denial may constitute trespassing. The university also reserves the right to inspect any unidentified motor vehicle on university property in order to learn the identity of the owner or operator.
    • SECURITY OFFICE HOURS: The BYUH Security office is open and manned 24 hours, 7 days a week.
    • DRIVER’S LICENSE: The State of Hawaii recognizes all states if the operator is 18 years old or older and has a valid driver’s license. International or inter-American driver’s license is valid for one year after arrival in Hawaii.
    • UNIVERSITY RESPONSIBILITY: The university assumes no responsibility for the care of, protection of, or damage to any motor vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated on, parked on, or removed from university property.
    • FINALS WEEK: Parking rules will be enforced during finals week and on reading days, the same as any other school day.
    • OVERNIGHT PARKING: Anyone parking overnight on BYUH should register their vehicle with Security and have a parking permit.
    • DRIVING ON CAMPUS: The driver of a vehicle, motorcycle, moped, etc. on university property shall yield the right-of-way, using extreme caution at all times, slowing or stopping for a pedestrian crossing any roadway at all times. No pedestrian shall leave a place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard.
    • SKATEBOARDING/ROLLERSKATING: Skateboarding and roller skating are allowed on sidewalks and must yield to pedestrians at all times.
    • Driving on sidewalks and lawns are prohibited except for university service vehicles engaged in the performance of essential university functions.
    • SPEED LIMITS: The maximum speed limit on campus roads is 15 mph. The speed limit in all parking lots is 10 mph.
    • ONE WAY TRAFFIC: The one-way, counterclockwise traffic pattern that currently exists will apply to all vehicles, carts, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and other non-motorized vehicles.
    • PEDESTRIAN RIGHT-OF-WAY: Drivers of all vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and other moving vehicles shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians throughout the campus-not just in crosswalks, but anywhere they may be walking. Pedestrians must exercise caution as they cross a road. They must avoid walking or running into the path of a vehicle.
    • MOTORCYCLES: For the safety of the cyclist, and other persons using the roadway at BYUH, the headlight must be on at all times.
    • NO MORE THAN TWO RIDING: No motorcycle operated on BYUH roadways is allowed to carry more than two persons at any time. Only one person is allowed on mopeds and bicycles (unless a permanent seat is attached). Students should avoid riding on handlebars of bicycles. Violators will be ticketed.
    • MUFFLER: All motorcycles, mini bikes, motor scooters, and mopeds are required to have mufflers to comply with the vehicular noise control of Oahu.
    • COMPLIANCE: All motor vehicles must comply with all posted traffic signs on campus.
    • PARKING PERMITS REQUIRED: All motor vehicles, motorcycles, and moped must display a BYUH parking permit if it is to be parked overnight on BYUH properties.
    • VEHICLES WITHOUT PARKING PERMITS CITED: Vehicles parked on campus without a current BYUH parking permit will be issued citations for no current parking permit except during the first two days of classes (48 hours) of each semester or term.
    • 48 HOUR WARNING: During the first two days of classes of each semester or term, warnings will only be issued for vehicles with no current BYUH parking permit. All other violations will be cited. Beginning the third day of classes, citations will be issued to vehicles parking on campus without a current BYUH parking permit.
    • LIABILITY INSURANCE: Any person parking a motor vehicle on BYUH property (motorcycles, motor scooters, mini bikes, and mopeds included) must have liability insurance coverage. Hawaii no-fault law requires all drivers to have a current no-fault insurance card in the vehicle.
    • OUTSTANDING SECURITY FINES: Prior to obtaining a parking permit, all outstanding security fines must be paid to Security or Financial Services.
    • APPLYING FOR PARKING PERMIT: To obtain a parking permit, visit the Parking Permits Page. Alternatively, the following must be presented at the BYUH Security office:
      1. Current state vehicle registration card
      2. Current no-fault insurance card
      3. Current vehicle safety inspection
      4. Valid drivers license
      5. Current BYUH ID card
      6. Appropriate fee payment receipt
    • PLACEMENT OF PERMIT: A permit will not be considered properly displayed unless the permit is correctly attached to the passenger's side front windshield.
      Permits on motorcycles and bicycles must be properly attached to the top of the handlebars, bicycles neck of handlebars, gas tanks, headlights, bicycles center frame, etc. so the permit is plainly visible.
      All parking permits must have all proper backing removed. NO TAPE OR CELLOPHANE MAY BE USED.
    • OUT-OF-STATE PLATES: Students driving vehicles with out-of-state plates must obtain a non-resident permit from the City and County of Honolulu.
    • PERMIT REPLACEMENTS: If a permit is lost or the front windshield has been replaced, the owner must purchase a new permit at full price.
    • LICENSE PLATE/ADDRESS/OWNERSHIP CHANGE: These must be reported to Security within 48 hours of the change.
    • VEHICLES SOLD OR TRADED: If a vehicle is sold or traded, the permit must be removed and returned to Security. Otherwise, the person who originally obtained the permit will be held responsible for any and all citations that the vehicle receives as long as the permit is valid. The permit will not be invalidated unless removed from the vehicle and returned to Security.
    • IMPOUNDMENT AND TOWING OF VEHICLES: The university reserves the right to remove any vehicle with or without a BYUH parking permit which:
      1. Violates these regulations
      2. Parked improperly
      3. Constitutes a hazard to the life and/or property of others
      4. Parked in tow-away zones
      5. Abandoned (not moved or driven for 48 hours)
      6. Received three or more uncleared citations for failure to display a current BYUH parking permit
      7. Failure to obey the security officer’s lawful order
      8. Transferring and/or altering permits and registration information
      9. Unlicensed or uninsured vehicles
      10. Derelict and abandoned vehicles, motorcycles, etc. will be removed according to HRS 208.8,9.
    • DISCIPLINARY ACTION TAKEN BY UNIVERSITY AND/OR MUNICIPAL COURTS: Removing, altering, defacing, or damaging any traffic sign, barricade or marker, cases or automobile homicide, leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, reckless driving will be handled through the appropriate municipal court. Students involved will also be referred to the Dean of Students for appropriate disciplinary action.
    • REFERRALS TO THE OFFICE OF HONOR: Students receiving two or more citations, or found forging or altering a permit or falsifying information will be referred to the Office of Honor for appropriate action.
    • RESPONSIBILITY FOR CITATIONS: When a parking permit is obtained, the applicant is responsible for payment of all citations issued to his/her vehicle. Even though a vehicle may not display a current BYUH parking permit, the student, faculty, or staff member owning or driving the vehicle is responsible for citations issued to the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the student or faculty/staff member to instruct others who drive his/her vehicle as to where they may park. Students academic records will be placed on hold preventing registration of classes and/or transferring of transcripts. Charges will also be placed on the student, faculty, or staff member's school financial account.
    • UNLICENSED/UNINSURED/EXPIRED REGISTRATION OR SAFETY CHECK DECAL: All these vehicles are prohibited on campus and will be cited on two separate days. After which, the vehicle will be removed at owners/current buyers expense if found on BYUH properties.
    • TRAFFIC CITATION APPEALS: All traffic citations must be appealed to the adjudicator within 14 calendar days after citations are received. Failure to appeal within 14 calendar days shall be deemed as a waiver of the right to do so. All faculty or staff appeals are handled by the adjudicator. Appointments may be made at the Security office at any time.
    • PAYMENT OF FINES: Traffic citations must be paid to BYUH cashier's office, Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    • All bicycles and mopeds that are ridden, parked or stored on campus by any student, faculty, staff, off-campus community person, or visitor must display a valid City & County of Honolulu license. Applications to license your bicycle or moped can be obtained at the City and County Satellite City Hall.
    • All bicycles and mopeds that are ridden, parked, or stored on campus by any student, faculty, staff, off-campus community person or visitor must display a valid BYUH parking permit. Applications can be obtained online or at the Security office. Hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Call 675-3503 for more information. BYUH permit must be removed and returned to the Security office if you no longer own bicycles/mopeds.
    • Parking permitted only in bike racks and assigned parking areas. Lack of rack space does not permit violation of parking regulations.
    • Moving/parking violations are the responsibility of the owner/rider.
    • No bicycle or moped riding, skateboarding or roller skating permitted on all campus sidewalks including inner circle sidewalks, walkway to TVA, classroom corridors, Aloha Center and ballroom sidewalks, Cannon Activity Center corridors, inside dormitories, TVA porches and sidewalks, and all lawn areas. Riders shall consider all safety precautions and always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. Violators will be cited.
    • A bicycle or moped may be impounded for any of the following reasons:

      1. Parking in an unauthorized area
      2. Parking outside the bike rack
      3. Abandoned/derelict
      4. Owner failed to obey the officer’s lawful request
      5. Bicycle left unsecured
    • No person shall ride or park a bicycle or moped on campus that is in an unsafe condition. Brakes must be absolutely operable at all times and proper lights at night.
    • No more than one person allowed on bikes. “Packing” is prohibited. Verbal warnings and/or citations will be issued to offenders.
    • Impounded bikes will be held for no more than two weeks. If unclaimed, bicycles will be turned over to the Honolulu Police Department.
    • CAMPUS: All property owned or controlled by Brigham Young University–Hawaii.
    • CONTROLLED AREA: The main entrance to campus is manned by a security guard seven days a week from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Temple View Apartments (TVA) entrance will be closed from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m daily.
    • MOTOR VEHICLES: Automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, mini bikes, and other motor-powered devices used for transporting.
    • PERIPHERAL ROADS: All present and future roads or streets leading into and around Brigham Young University–Hawaii owned properties.
    • STUDENTS: Anyone attending BYUH during the day or evening, enrolled in full or part-time class loads, or who audits or takes a class or classes for credit. For purposes of traffic enforcement, any undergraduate student not attending a semester without being officially graduated or withdrawn is considered to be a student. A student’s spouse is also considered to be a student, even though he/she may not be taking classes, and may park/drive only where his/her spouse’s permit is valid.
    • FACULTY/STAFF: Anyone employed by the university full or part-time.
    • VISITORS: Anyone except faculty members, staff members, students, PCC employees/spouses, and off-campus community affiliates.
    • PARKING PERMITS: Permits which allow vehicles to park on BYU–Hawaii properties.
    • TEMPORARY PARKING PERMITS: Temporary parking permits are issued to employees and students with a new vehicle license, rental and loaner vehicle.
    • VISITOR PARKING PERMITS: Issued to visitors only.
    • SERVICE PERMITS: Issued to contractors only.
    • HANDICAPPED PERMITS: BYUH recognizes State of Hawaii handicapped permits only. Cars displaying this permit are allowed to use designated handicapped stalls.
    • NO PARKING AREAS/RED CURB AREAS: Vehicles parked in a no-parking area will be cited. Red curb areas, service areas, handicapped stalls, barricaded areas, stalls marked reserved parking only, lawns, and areas that are not marked as a parking stall.
    • ABANDONED VEHICLES: Any vehicle that appears abandoned or derelict as defined by HRS. Any abandoned/derelict vehicle that remains on BYUH property for 48 hours will be removed at the owner’s/current buyer’s expense by the proper authority.
    • HAWAII SAFETY BELT LAWS: Mandatory use of seat belts are enforced at all times. Same apply to infants in certified car seats.
    • TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS: Anyone involved in a traffic accident on BYUH must report the incident immediately to Security by calling (808) 675-3911 or (808) 675-3503. Security will notify Hawaii Police Department.
    • STORAGE OF VEHICLES DURING SCHOOL BREAK: Vehicle owner/current buyer are not allowed to leave their vehicle during school breaks on campus. BYUH will not be held responsible/liable for any damage/theft of your vehicle, or contents stored therein.
    • SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit on campus roadways is 15 mph, and for all parking lots is 10 mph. Exceeding speed limits on campus and driving at an excessive speed is prohibited.
    • MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Hawaii Ordinance prohibits the use of mobile hand-held electronic devices (cell phone, text messaging device, paging device, PDA, laptop computer, video game, or digital camera) while driving.
    • CAR OWNERSHIP AS STUDENTS: Students living on campus (Hales or TVA) who own a vehicle must have a current parking permit and park their car on campus.

    *Fines are subject to change

1. Parking or driving in prohibited areas but not limited to the following:
  • Lawns, planted areas, and grounds under repair;
  • Medial strips, sidewalks, driveways, crosswalks, and hallways;
  • "No Parking" areas or along curbs painted red;
  • (obstructing) vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
  • double parking
2. Vehicles not placed wholly within the lines or boundaries of the parking space $20
3. Parking in a handicapped stall without a proper permit $50
4. Parking without a permit or expired permit or illegal permit $20
5. Failure to display permit in proper location $20
6. Reckless driving or exceeding the 15 mph or other posted speed limit signs $20
7. Failure to heed directions of a duly authorized officer $20
8. Failure to heed directions on signs and/or symbols (see remarks) $20
9. Motor vehicle or its alarm system making excessive noise and/or causing a disturbance $20
10. Moving any barricade or cones or parking within any barricaded area $20
11. Operating vehicle without a driver's license/unlicensed/uninsured vehicle $20
12. Riding bicycles, rollerblades, roller skates, scooters, skateboards on sidewalks/buildings or riding against the one-way traffic or passenger riding on handlebars $20
13. Abandoned vehicle (not moved for 10 days) $20
14. Passenger(s) riding outside of the vehicle (driver is responsible) $20
15. Expired vehicle safety inspection/vehicle registration or defective vehicle equipment $20
16. Rhino boot fee or bicycle impound fee $20
17. Driving against the one way traffic $20

*Fines are subject to change.