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Field Trip Insurance Summary

Forms, FAQs, and general information about field trip insurance.

General Information

Field trip insurance is accident insurance that can be purchased by a department to cover matriculated students participating in university-sponsored, scheduled, and supervised activities, including academic, club, and volunteer activities. The cost of the insurance can be paid by the department or be built into any class, club, or program fees.

While all matriculated students are still required to have their own primary health insurance for qualifying accidents or injuries, field trip insurance provides an additional layer of coverage in coordination with the student’s primary health insurer. As with any other insurance policy, not all accidents or injuries will be covered. Students should contact Campus Safety by calling (808) 675-3281 or (808) 675-3411or by emailing to initiate the field-trip insurance claim process, in addition to submitting the claim to their personal insurance provider. Campus Safety will notify the field trip insurer of the incident and help facilitate filing a claim for coverage.

Field Trip Insurance FAQs

  • What is field trip insurance?

    Field trip insurance is no-fault accident insurance.

  • Who does it cover?

    Field trip insurance is intended to cover all matriculated students participating in university-sponsored, scheduled, and supervised off-campus field-trip activities, including academic, club, or volunteer activities.

  • Is field trip insurance mandatory?

    Field trip insurance is not mandatory; however, it is recommended for all colleges, schools, and departments carrying out off-campus, field trip activities.

  • What are the coverage benefits of the insurance?

    The field trip insurance plan provides up to $10,000 for accidental death and dismemberment-related incidents and up to $10,000 for accidental medical expenses (including a limit of $250 per tooth.) It does not include illnesses. The insurance plan coordinates coverage benefits with the student participant's primary insurance and the plan will respond to medical expenses that are deemed medically necessary. Note: This insurance is not applicable to BYUH employees (faculty, staff, or students, including teaching or research assistants) who are attending and/or participating in the field trip in their employment capacity, as these individuals may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

  • How do I sign up for field trip insurance?

    All requests for field trip insurance should be submitted through the online Field Trip Insurance Request Form. Questions about this process can be addressed directly by the safety and risk manager. Call (808) 675-3411 or (808) 675-3281.