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Reporting Crimes

BYU–Hawaii encourages the prompt and accurate reporting of crimes to Security or the Honolulu Police Department in order to allow for an appropriate institutional response. Crimes in progress and other emergencies on campus can be reported directly to Security by calling (808) 675-3503 or (808) 675-3911.

BYU–Hawaii Security is the preferred contact point for reporting of any crime occurring on campus. However, students and employees may also report incidents of crime to other campus authorities having appropriate supervisory jurisdiction and responsibility for student and campus activities. These employees are encouraged to work with the student and encourage them to report the incident to the Honolulu Police Department having jurisdiction over the matter.

Confidential Voluntary Reporting of Crimes

The university community may report crimes directly to the Honolulu Police Department having jurisdiction over a case, to a designated campus authority or to a counselor or pastoral or ecclesiastical leader of their choosing. Counselors, pastoral or ecclesiastical leaders, and campus authorities are encouraged to inform the persons they are working with that they may voluntarily and confidentially report crimes. This can be done through a second party serving as an intermediary. Individuals should be encouraged to report crimes first person when possible. The administration encourages all employees to report any and all crimes as soon as practical to permit an appropriate police response to the reported incident.

Please stop by the Security office to report any crimes or call (808) 675-3503 or (808) 675-3911. If you would like to report a crime directly to the Police, call 911.