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Vehicles and Parking


All students, faculty, and staff are required to have a valid parking permit to park on campus. For more information about BYU–Hawaii parking permits, go to the parking permits page.

For Buyers

  • Before you hand over the money, make sure that a registration stopper is not on the vehicle. Check with Security on any outstanding citations the vehicle may have that could result in towing.
  • Complete and sign a bill of sale.
  • Complete the appropriate sections on the backside of the title. Once this is done, the vehicle has transferred ownership.
  • Make sure you are supplied with the vehicle registration card and safety inspection certificate.
  • Visit a local registration office within 30 days to title and register the car.
  • There is a $5-$10 transfer fee besides all the other registration fees. If you register after the 30-day period, you may be assessed a late fee of up to $60.

For Sellers

  • Complete and sign a bill of sale.
  • Sign the title in the appropriate boxes: On the old title, this will be line 1. On the newer titles, you will need to fill out “Section A”. This section also has a space for the odometer reading. Notarization is optional.
  • Supply the vehicle registration card.
  • Supply the vehicle safety inspection certificate.
  • Complete and mail in a Notice of Transfer form within 10 days of the sale. The City and County of Honolulu has these forms online. If you fail to take care of this within the required 10 days, you will face up to a $50 fine. Mail the Notice of Transfer yourself.
  • For more information, visit

A few other tips on car ownership at BYU–Hawaii:

  • If you live on campus and own a car, you must register your car with BYU–Hawaii Security.
  • Due to the expense of owning and operating a vehicle in Hawaii, consider using alternative transportation such as The Bus, Costco/Walmart shuttles.
  • Don’t forget the value of good, old fashioned bicycles and skateboards!
  • If you own a car and don’t want it anymore, consider donating it to charity.