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Advisories, Watches, and Warnings

Flood Advisory

A flood advisory is issued when a specific weather event that is forecast to occur may become a nuisance. It is also issued when flooding is not expected to be bad enough to issue a warning. However, it may cause significant inconvenience, and if caution is not exercised, it could lead to situations that may threaten life and/or property.

Flood Watch

A flood watch is issued when conditions are favorable for a specific hazardous weather event to occur. It does not mean flooding will occur, but it is possible.

Flood Warning

A flood warning is issued when the hazardous weather event is imminent or already happening.

Flash Flood Warning

A flash flood warning is issued when a flash flood is imminent or occurring. If you are in a flood prone area, move immediately to high ground. A flash flood is a sudden violent flood that can take from minutes to hours to develop. It is even possible to experience a flash flood in areas not immediately receiving rain.

Be Prepared

La’ie and the surrounding communities receive heavy rainfall during the winter months, particularly from the months of November through March. Occasionally, BYU–Hawaii and community experience moderate to severe flooding. This can be a safety and health hazard to residents and can cause loss or damage of property.

To be prepared for a flood:

  • Have an emergency kit with clean water and dry clothes.
  • Place important documents in a sealing plastic bag to prevent them from getting wet.
  • Unplug all household electronics on lower floors.
  • Volunteer to help place sandbags when needed.

During a flood:

  • Avoid walking or driving through floodwaters, especially if the water is actively moving.
  • Move to higher floors of your building if flooding worsens.
  • Accompanying a flood will likely be a power outage that could last several days. See the power outage page for more information. Expect to be cut off from other areas for some time.

High Risk Areas


  • Multi-Purpose Center (MPC)
  • TVA buildings Q, R, P, A, B
  • Front Fields
  • Joseph F. Smith Library (JFS)
  • Teacher Education Building (TEB)
  • Stake Center (STC)
  • Cannon Activities Center (CAC)


  • Moana Street (PCC side)
  • Iosepa Street
  • Naniloa Loop (PCC side)
  • Sam’s Store/ Hukilau Café area
  • McDonald’s Access Road


  • First Aid office
  • Hall of Fame area
  • Front PCC parking Lot

Common Road Closures Due to Flooding/Landslides

Kamehameha (Kam) Hwy:

  • At Waikane Stream Bridge (by Waiahole Poi Factory)
  • At Ka’a’awa Valley (by Kualoa Beach)
  • At Hau’ula Bridge (by North Shore Tacos)
  • At La’ie Bridge (by Pounders Beach Park)
  • Near Kawela Bay
  • Near Sunset Beach Elementary/ Ehukai Beach Park
  • At Waimea Bay