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Campus Safety & Security

Tsunami Preparedness and Procedures

Warning Levels

Tsunami Advisory

Strong currents are likely. Stay away from the shore.

Tsunami Watch

In the event that a tsunami watch is issued, the danger level is not yet known, but a tsunami is possible. Stay alert for more information.

Tsunami Warning

In the event that a tsunami watch is issued, leave coastal areas immediately. Evacuate to higher ground.


  1. Monitor an emergency alert system radio station. Monitor BYUH and PCC radio “emergency” talk group.
  2. If you hear an official tsunami warning or sirens sound.
  3. Students; take your 24/72 hour kits and faculty, staff, and community should take supplies for up to two weeks to the evacuation area. No food will be provided at the Canon Activity Center.
  4. If you have a baby, take diapers, and formula.
  5. Take all prescription medicine to the evacuation area.
  6. Evacuate at once to high ground. Second level of Hales and TVA apartments are sufficient unless otherwise directed.
  7. Off-campus students should evacuate to the second floor of the on campus dormitories (hales).
  8. PCC Guests should evacuate to the Cannon Activities Center.
  9. Remain in safe area until warning expires or until emergency personnel have issued an “all clear” signal.